Owyhee Canyon


(One more rugrat. He was taking the picture!)

Yes, there is no place like home! 

Everyone's Hometown Colors are unique and based on our diverse backgrounds, interests, and communities. Our mission is to connect with those characteristics and create designs which extend your loyalty to this great state and allow you to tell your story when someone asks about your Hometown Colors. Our paths and families can lead us in many directions for but once you're an Oregonian, you're always proud! 


Hometown Colors was started by a team of two native Oregonians that get what hometown pride is. Alissa's hometown is Woodburn, OR where she grew up amongst a family of six and then headed to OSU to become a Beaver and complete her degree in Liberal Studies. Aaron grew up in Portland on a small farm where amongst many chores, he built future muscle and toughness by regularly digging large compost holes. Too bad Portlandia didn't exist in the mid 80's to mid 90's, they would have had a field day :)  Aaron went on to be a Viking at PSU and graduate with a degree in business. 


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