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Welcome Gilbert family. It's been a crazy last couple years, hasn't it? But we've survived and nearly made it to a great tradition that reunites our family to create memories that will be everlasting. The 2021 Gilbert Family Reunion! 

The purpose of this website is to allow family members to order t-shirts and hats they can bring, wear, and enjoy at the family reunion! The process will work exactly the same as any internet purchase you make at Walmart, Target, or whatever your favorite online store is. That means you order here and receive your shipment to your home before coming to the reunion. Also, even if you can't make it to the reunion, you can order too, to have "cool threads" for Facetime :) 

In case you're wondering I run a clothing and hat company. We're using my website, ordering, fulfillment and shipping processes. You don't need to wonder who is behind and the scenes and if it's secure. It's me! it's FAMILY! :) All orders will be made and fulfilled after the order deadline which is June 16th.

Below you can find the logo we will be using for hats and t-shirts. There is one t-shirt for us guys and three for the ladies to choose from. There are two hat styles and multiple colors to choose from! Something for everyone! Right now the supply chain for the clothing industry has really been hit hard. My choices were not robust when it came to available hats and shirts. 

The products I'm using are quality products. These are not made in China Gilden. I refuse to use garbage! I have discounted the products for the family. ENJOY these hats and garments for a long time. Please use sizing information as we wont have time for returns or exchanges. 

- Aaron Harris (Grandson of Virginia Gilbert Saale) 

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(The pewter background is the shirt color)


All Hats Design
(Hats available in multiple styles and colors)



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