We're about Hometown communities and the unique characteristics that make us loyal and proud. Through our Unity Projects we strive to give back to the communities we're a part of.


Our first project focused on the challenging time we're all experiencing right now with COVID-19 and giving back to Essential Workers who are dedicating themselves to helping us while risking their own lives. 


Free Dinner for Truckers! 


Buy any 541 Brand item and we give a meal to a trucker! 

Trucker's are a critical part to our country's existence and our way life. Even more so during our current time of need, we're relying on them heavily to bring goods and services to market so we can get the things we need. 

April 29 through June 29 2020 Hometown Color's bought a meal for trucker for each order we received. We met up with some great truckers and bought them dinner at Love's Truck Stop! Checkout our facebook page for more pictures of the evening! 

IMG_5307 2.JPG